Welcome to my journey


A few days ago I had an epiphany; I felt like my life was heading towards an above-average-but-still-average job, and a slow-paced lifestyle. I realised that this hadn’t always been the path I was travelling down.

When I was sixteen I was committed to lead an exciting life, one of high achievement, that was fast-paced and that also minimised procrastination (because procrastination is an unproductive use of life).

Over a few years I had registered a total of 12 domains, as an amateur internet marketer I had a few relatively successful websites out of those projects. One of the most challenging was when I started a website design and SEO (search engine optimisation) company with my friend, which was great, but after a year I couldn’t match the amount of work he put in, whilst I went to school and revised for my GCSE exams, so I had to leave the business to him.

Over time, I forgot about my dreams of success and consequently, became content with a life of mediocrity. I have now realised that I have wandered from my path; through this blog I will attempt to get back on track by planning, implementing and documenting my journey, to greater success.

This is a promise to my self; I will live life to the full, experiencing as much as I can.

I hope this blog will be useful to others as well, for those with similar aspirations and those with an interest in business. I plan to have some articles that should turn this blog into a particularly useful resource for small businesses, entrepreneurs and business students.

Currently, I’m considering uploading some Excel templates for accounting statements and sharing some frameworks for planning and analysis.

This blog could be my most productive use of procrastination yet!